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Offsite Data Vault

Server Disaster Recovery

If you lost all your data, how much would it cost you?
How much would it cost you to recover or recreate all your data?
How much would it cost you if you couldn't recreate it?
Could you recover? Most Companies go out of business after a major data loss.
Would it cost more than Offsite Backups?
Wouldn't it be nice knowing that your data is secure at two mirrored data centers every night with no human intervention?

RescueTech ensures no loss of critical data, and greatly reduces the amount of production downtime experienced in case of fire, theft, viruses, and corruption.

How Offsite Data Backup Works:

  • Backup software is installed on the client workstation/server.
  • Data is compressed and encrypted at the client's machine prior to its transfer.
  • RescueTech will perform an initial backup of the entire data. This is also called a "full backup".
  • Encrypted data is transferred to a secure data vault via the LAN / Internet.
  • It resides at our state-of-the-art secure data center.
  • Files recovered are still encrypted during the transfer back to the client.
  • For security purposes, only the clients' computer can decrypt the files.

Recover your damaged or lost files quickly and easily.

With just a few mouse clicks, our easy to use Wizards allow you to:

  • Select common files for automatic backups and restores.
  • Maintain your directory structure during recovery.
  • Maximize bandwidth use by selecting only the portions of files that have been modified.
  • Choose the exact day you would like to recover from up to 7 revisions, and which files or directories you want restored.

RescueTech can restore data to CD, DVD, or removable hard drive, if requested.

What's Included:

  • Backup software
  • Unlimited data backups and restores
  • Technical Support Assistance
  • Automated access to your latest file versions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A CD of your files (available for an additional fee of $35 plus shipping and handling)